2K Games released NBA 2K17 locker codes

10The upcoming basketball simulation game NBA 2K17 will be officially launched on 20th September. Any news or information regarding the game has flooded the internet every day. No wonder that the fans are so hyped right now because of the popularity of the previous series.

But the big surprise is the leak of NBA 2K17 locker codes in twitter. The news increases the excitement among the fans who pre-ordered the game. They are the one who will be the first to experience the game on the day it officially released to the market.

The first implementation of locker codes feature is in NBA 2K16 series. The purpose of the locker codes introduction is to improve the key features in the game. It contains a lot of prizes, bonuses, and the other perks to bring your gaming experience to the next level.

Is it only another scam?

Well, for now, there is nothing to take for granted. There is no official statement from the 2K Games regarding this issue. In fact, a big developer like 2K will not release any locker codes earlier because it will lead to a bigger leak about the game itself. However, the fans hope lies in the 2K spokesperson, Ronniee2K tweeted that NBA 2K17 locker codes will come along with the legendary player cards.

But personally, I believe that it just a matter of time before 2K Games confirming the release of NBA 2K17 locker codes. It’s one of the reasons to play the game since it gives the players a lot of advantages.

As you know that there are tons of websites who offer free locker codes for the NBA 2K16. My suggestion is start hunting the locker codes right now. An early start is always a good thing to win the game.

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