Q: Why Green RFID Guy?

Long story short, I find the environment a compelling issue and RFID a compelling technology.

Q: What exactly is this blog?

A: This is my effort to shed light on an opportunity for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) that’s deserving of more attention. RFID is a great technology, but the potential environmental benefits of its use within industry seem to be overlooked in the media.

Q: Who is it for?

A: Environmentalists, business leaders, educators, product designers, students, logisticians and anyone else who’s interested.

Q: So, what are these potential environmental benefits you mention?

A: RFID can help collect more and better data, which is needed to make supply chains more efficient. (See “What is RFID?“) Some supply chains include reverse logistics processes that are key to recovering products. If these processes become easier and less expensive to manage, business strategies that reuse and recycle may become more appealing. (See “Why Should Environmentalists Care About RFID?“)

Q: Are you saying that RFID will “save the environment?”

A: Not so fast! This blog is intended to bring you questions, not necessarily answers. RFID is clearly a tranformational technology that has been spurring significant change in many areas already. However, as with any technology that serves as a strategic enabler, its contributions still rely on underlying business decisions — in this case, decisions that are environmentally-sound.

Q: How will Green RFID Guy help?

A: Hopefully, this space will encourage a more visible and accessible conversation about how RFID can help better align the goals of making businesses more profitable and lessening consumption of natural resources.

Q: How do I know you’re not a front for some industry group?

A: Green RFID Guy is a one-man show — you’ll have to take my word for it.

Q: Ok, I believe you, but RFID is complicated, isn’t it?

A: Don’t worry, you’ll be ok. I’ll leave many of the more technically-oriented details to others. What’s important is gaining a big-picture understanding of RFID’s capabilities (and limitations!), how they could be applied to different business problems and what the environmental impacts might be.

Q: What inspired this?

A: I’d been thinking about it for a while after learning of the work being done at the Cambridge Auto-ID Lab. (Trust me, very talented people are investigating important issues, like end-of-life product recovery.) My call-to-action was a relatively recent opinion piece by RFID Journal’s Mark Roberti. As he notes, oftentimes RFID is treated unfairly by the media. With that said, the positive environmental implications of this technology merit facetime with a wider audience.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: Email me at “guy” at this domain.